The Soil Dryer 6 quickly dries mud, wet dirt, silt, clay, and all types of top soil. This can help speed up soil compaction so you can get your job done quickly and on schedule. The Soil Dryer 6 has been proven to be quicker, cleaner, and more cost effective than any other solution on the market today.

At Pipeline we know how important it is to keep your equipment moving and your projects on schedule. The Soil Dryer 6 is our solution to dry your soil instead of waiting on sun drying methods, or potentially messy chemical methods.

Pipeline is the exclusive dealer for the Soil Dryer 6.

See the Soil Dryer 6 In Action

Soil Dryer 6: How It Works

Soil Dryer 6 million BTU Propane burner dirt dryer

With the Soil Dryer 6 you get a combination of a

  • heavy-duty tilling unit followed by a
  • 6 million BTU propane burner and
  • 2 forced air fans.

This unit has been shown to be a very effective dirt dryer, reducing moisture in certain soil from 25.5% to 15.5% in just 3 passes.

At Pipeline, we know how oversaturated soil can be a costly delay when you have a job to do. With the Soil Dryer 6 on your site, your equipment and crews can stay productive year-round.

To dry hard surfaces such as stone, concrete, and asphalt, we also offer Track Dryers for rent or purchase.

Our state-of-the-art soil drying unit can rapidly dry dirt to compaction standards, drying a width of 8' to 12' of ground with each pass.

Reduction from 20.5% to 16.7% Moisture in Soil in 1.5 Hours

% Moisture in Soil Clay & Top Soil Mix

Test Date: 4/23/2015

  • 59* F
  • 23% Humidity
  • 12MPH Wind
  • Pass 1-4 – 100% Heat on at 6″ Soil Depth
  • Pass 5-6 – 25% Heat on at 6″ Soil Depth

Reduction from 25.5% to 15.1% Moisture in Soil

% Moisture in Soil Brown, Clayey Silt with some Sand

Test Date: 7/25/2016

  • 0 Pass = 25.5% Natural Moisture (Optimum Moisture 14.4%)
  • Pass 1 – 25% Heat on = 24.3% Moisture
  • Pass 2 – 10% Heat on = 19.1% Moisture
  • Pass 3 – Fan on = 15.1% Moisture


Soil Dryer Rentals

When you have a big job and need to keep on schedule, Soil Dryer is there for you in a pinch. Contact us today to get a Soil Dryer on your job site.

Soil Dryer Sales

Pipeline is the exclusive dealer for the Soil Dryer 6. If you are ready to make Soil Dryer a permanent part of your team, contact us today.

Track Dryer Rentals and Sales

We offer Track Dryers for rent or purchase to dry hard surfaces such as stone, concrete, and asphalt.

Soil Dryer Tilling Unit Dirt dryer


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